As many have discovered, with the BB Group you can always expect a little more. Once you’re a client, it is hardly a fleeting experience but a potentially life-long partnership.
The following attributes underpin the BB Group’s operations:
• A “Can-do” attitude.
• A friendly and helpful approach accompanying all customer interactions.
• A culture of integrity in every transaction.
• Personalised service which prioritises the customer’s worth.
• A team whose winning tradition guarantees you exceptional value.


The BB dealerships form part of an over 60-year-old legacy – the BB Group Legacy. Our dealerships are fully fledged, offering New Cars, Used Cars, F&I, Parts and Services to all existing and potential customers.
The business started in 1959 in Pietersburg as a Datsun dealer and later extended into Phalaborwa, Mokopane, Tzaneen, Middelburg, Welkom, Kimberley, Louis Trichardt, Pretoria and Lydenburg.
The BB Group, headed by Arnold Du Plessis, a true motor enthusiast and businessman extraordinaire, has moved from strength to strength over the last 65 years.
We are an Automotive Group of Companies with an impeccable success record achieved through excellent value propositions to our customers, employees, stakeholders and the community.
While observing and adhering to the highest ethical, financial and legal standards, our vision will be achieved through the growth of our employees as individuals and as a team. In doing so we will exceed every expectation, leading to long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

BB Group Shared Values

• Concern and commitment to serving the customer beyond their expectations.
• Professionalism is key.
• Absolute respect for all customers.
• Honesty, truthfulness and sincerity in everything we do.
• Transparency and fairness in all dealings.
• A commitment to team-work.
• Our customers are our strength.
• Take action NOW.

BB Group Strengths

• Knowledge and Experience in the Workforce.
• Financial Position – Strong Balance Sheet.
• Independent Company.
• Continuous Training and Development.
• Relationship with Manufacturers.
• Footprint / Location of Dealers.
• BB Group Heritage.
• Brand Diversity.
• Industry-leading facilities and systems.
• Loyal customer base.
• Approved by All Major Finance Houses/Banks.
• Entrenched Standard Work Procedures.
• Relationships with the Community.
• Customer Centric.